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  • Richard So

    Richard So

    CS @ Georgia Tech, Class of ’24. Pursuing everything code (Python DS+ML, JS, Vue, Svelte, C++, etc.). Always learning!

  • Sanyam Bhutani

    Sanyam Bhutani

    Machine Learning Engineer and AI Content Creator at H2O.ai, Fast.ai Fellow, Kaggle x3 Expert (Ranked in Top 1%), Twitter: https://twitter.com/bhutanisanyam1

  • Alok Nandan

    Alok Nandan

    GP @ FirstRays.vc

  • Rodrigo Nader

    Rodrigo Nader

  • Carlos Alfaro

    Carlos Alfaro

    Web developer, sound engineer, and music fan. http://www.carlosalfaro.me/

  • Sarvotham Pai

    Sarvotham Pai

  • Aakanksha NS

    Aakanksha NS

    MSDS University of San Francisco | CSE NIT Calicut https://www.linkedin.com/in/aakanksha-ns/

  • Sai Bhargav Yalamanchi

    Sai Bhargav Yalamanchi

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