Working with Forms in Redux

Aakash N S
1 min readDec 5, 2017

Working with forms in Redux can entail a significant amount of boilerplate. For instance, if you have a contact form with four fields: name, address, phone number and email, you might be tempted to define action types and action creators for each field e.g. EDIT_NAME, EDIT_ADDRESS, EDIT_PHONE_NUMBER etc. With this approach, you might find yourself writing thousands of lines of code that basically all do the same thing.

Here’s a more scalable approach: We can define a reducer contactForm to manage the form state using just 2 actions:

Here are the highlights of this approach:

  • The reducer contactForm manages the form state in a plain object.
  • The initial state is the empty object {}. If you want the form to contain some default values, you can provide them in the initial state e.g. { subscribeToNewsletter: true}.
  • The reducer handles exactly two actions: EDIT_CONTACT_FORM, using which you can edit the values for one more fields, and CLEAR_CONTACT_FORM, using which you can clear the contents of the form.

Here’s how we might use this reducer in our application:

Rather simple, isn’t it? If you want more granular control over the data, you can define additional selectors and action creators for specific fields:

It takes ~25 lines of code to define the reducer, action types and action creators, and ~10 lines to connect them with a React component. While we can do a lot better than this (more on that later), this is a fairly good starting point for reducing boilerplate while working with forms.